Enjoy the privilege of being a part of one of the most spectacular destinations in the world!

Australia is considered as one of the most ideal places in the world to live by. Migrants find this country as a dream destination that brings out the perfect balance of life at every step.

Invaluable benefits you get being a permanent resident of Australia

  • Unlimited travelling experience: Being a permanent residency visa holder, you become eligible to live in Australia and enjoy the unlimited travel facilities that a citizen is meant to get in Australia. You can even go for vacation to your home country without any entry visa type.
  • Freedom to avail education: You can freely pursue studies in the educational system here at various levels. With education being awarded freely to the migrants, there is even the provision to apply for education loan in order to fulfill your dreams of a better future.
  • Work in any occupation: As soon as you avail Australian permanent residency visa, you can work under any employer and in any of the industries flourishing in the country. The nation does not distinguish migrants from its sole citizens and thus offer to them the freedom to represent the workforce of Australia in any of the industries that are flourishing here.
  • Social security benefits: The nation entitles you to receive all the social security benefits including, unemployment, study, health and Medicare, retirement and more. You get to receive free public healthcare facilities and other facilities at every step of your living here.
  • Sponsoring your relatives: While your stay in Australia, you can even sponsor any of your relatives to enter the country and be a permanent resident.
  • The Australia PR visa lets you apply for citizenship of the country.
  • You can even travel to New Zealand seeking work, study and other living opportunities there and avail the visa for New Zealand as well.

Which permanent residence visa Australia stream suits you the most?

There are various Australia permanent residency visa classes that let you enter the country with a valid entry slip. You can immigrate towards the country under:

  • Skilled migrant category
  • Business category
  • Student visa class
  • Family class

What Visa Australia Immigration have for you?

We specialize in offering PR Visa for Australia to clients, helping them decide the best immigration pathway. Visa Australia Immigration (an Immigration Overseas sub-venture) is committed towards

Want to know something in regard to visas for permanent residency?

Our expert consultants are there for you 24*7, assisting you with the entire visa application procedure.

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